Insulin Therapy...A Vital Treatment for Type 1 diabetics!

Insulin therapy treatment, involves the use of several devices. Insulin is a protein hormone that is produced in the pancreas of our bodies. One of its functions is the lowering of our blood glucose levels. It signals the cells of muscles to respond by opening and accepting the excess glucose or sugar from the blood stream.

Insulin therapy treatment is used mainly in people diagnosed with type 1 diabetes but it can and in some cases, be prescribed as part of the diabetes treatment for type 2 diabetics . Timely delivery of this important protein hormone is extremely important.

Simply because it regulates the blood sugar levels and ensures the proper blood glucose monitoring which will help individuals avoid serious diabetes complications and other health problems that can arise from constant elevated blood sugar and having diabetes.

Devices involved in the delivery insulin treatments!

There are so much information that are available on various insulin delivery devices. Many of which are used by people with type 1 diabetes for insulin delivery therapy. In any event as a type 1 diabetic, you should know that you have to constantly manage your diabetes. At some point you will need to use one or more of these devices.

A few of the more recognized ones are:

  • The insulin pump. This computerized device delivers rapid or short acting insulin 24 hours a day through catheter or tube that is fitted with a very fine needle at the end. This needle is inserted under the skin of the diabetic individual, near the abdomen area.

    The device is very small and very light. It can be hidden away on the body and no one would suspect that you are a diabetic or you are wearing it, unless they actually sees it. This device can be set to deliver three separate doses of insulin on a daily basis. They are are better known as:

    1. The basal or trickle rate.
    2. The bolus rate which is use to cover the carbohydrates in your meals.
    3. The correction or supplemental rates.

  • The syringe. These are devices that diabetics use to administer their own insulin treatment. The needle on these types of insulin delivery systems are also small in size. Some injection aids are spring loaded with a push button on top that is use for the delivery of the hormone.
  • Insulin pens. These are another type of insulin delivery device that is commonly used in the delivery of this hormone. These type of devices look just like a regular pen that has a cartridge. Some of them can use replacement cartridge of insulin but there are some models that are completely disposable also. These pens have a fine needle that is short in length, similar to that of the syringe.

    The delivery of insulin is achieved by turning a dial on the pen to select the desired dosage and by pressing a plunger to administer the treatment under the skin. If you want to be discreet when it comes to carrying your insulin therapy with you, this device is a good choice.

  • Insulin jet injectors. This is another insulin therapy delivery system that diabetics used in their treatment. These particular devices deliver insulin therapy by using a high air pressure system instead of a needle which transports the hormone in the form of a fine spray through the skin of a diabetes patient.

Whatever type of device is used, diabetics have to remember that constant elevated blood glucose can lead to serious diabetes complications. Therefore it is extremely important for them to constantly monitor their blood sugar through timely insulin therapy.

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Insulin therapy is a vital to the body for managing safe blood glucose levles.

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