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Build your website the right way with SBI! Many of us want to achieve success on the Internet which will allow us to work from home and spend more time with our families. Unfortunately there are only a small percentage (10%) of online businesses that are found by web surfers. This ultimately leads to complete failure and money down the drain.

My friend, there is no need for you to be apart of the 90% of online businesses that are not found on the Internet. SBI! makes online business success very do-able. Anyone can succeed with an all-in-one process, tools, and guidance. I myself have been searching the Internet for years...looking for away that I could build my own website.

Not just any old website, but one that actually works. I brought many software, e-books and website businesses in a box. All claiming that you can build your website and succeed. Unfortunately all of these did not bring me any success online. I came across many sites that says "Build your website the right way" but for some reason or the other, they never tell you that you have to know HTML.

I was about to give up on my dreams on owning a successful online business. But just as I was about to throw in the towel, I came across SitebuildIt or SBI for short. I have to tell you, I my life change for the better. With SBI!, I was able to achieve my dream of owning my very own website that get results.

Guess what? You don't have to take my word for it. Watch the videos below and listen to other successful SBI! owners as they share their success stories with you. These individuals were once where you are and I am sure that after you have watch and listen to many of them, you would want to build your website the right way using SBI.

35% of SBI sites rank in the top 1% of all sites! Find out why... can build your website without any knowledge of HTML coding! I did. Here is how I did it!

I knew nothing about building a website and I knew very little about computers. Sure I knew how to surf the Internet and send emails but that was it. So how was I going to build my own website that works. It was not my goal to become a webmaster or web designer. I just wanted to build a simple website that got results. Thus my learning curve had to be cut short. As I mentioned earlier, 90% of all websites fail as a result of them not being found.

I did not want to be one of these individuals. So naturally after coming across SiteBuildIt, I dug a little further and found that 35% of all SBI websites are rank in the top 1% of all sites on the Internet. I wanted to the same for my sites. SBI! is the only product that takes the time to prepare you to build a profitable business, before you jump into building your site.

For the beginner, your learning curve will be shorter and you'll bypass any show-stopping errors. For those experienced in site-building, SBI! deepens your level of understanding. No matter who you are, you are guided all the way until you succeed. You get more than just a "site builder".

You don't need to worry about looking for separate hosting, paying for a separate keyword research tool, handling site submissions, integrating autoresponders, etc., etc. See the full list of features here. Using SBI! to build my websites, I was able to build not one but two very professionally looking and successful websites. And I was able to accomplish this following these 5 simple but doable steps.

Steps to build your website using SiteBuildIt!

  • Blueprint. I conducted extensive research into a few site concepts of keyword terms that individuals entered into the search engines. SBI! allowed me to find out exactly how often these keyword terms were searched for and which of them had the least amount of competition. These keyword terms became the blueprint for my site.
  • Refine my site concept. Using another one of SBI's powerful tool called "Brainstorm", I was able to get the exact demand and supply for each of these keywords. SBI! gave me detailed analysis of the keyword supply and demand profitability for each keyword. I then cleaned up my keyword list by selecting the best keywords that would fit my site. By taking time to do this, I was able to refine my site concept and build a content rich website.
  • Register my domain-Start building website. Once I had my site concept in hand, I was ready and able to register my domain name. Not before! I build my home page for my site and uploaded it using SBI's easy-to-use site building block system.
  • Add content, graphics and links. I continued building and adding pages to my site. This was not a problem because finding content has never being so easy! You see, SBI has a nifty a little tool called SearchIt, that was and is a tremendous help in finding new and relevant content for my site.

    This tool along is worth its weight in gold. Other tools such as the "Graphic Library" and "Link Library" will also make it easy for you to build your own website the right way from scratch. These tools allowed me to inert links and graphics exactly where I want them on my site.

  • Build Traffic. SBI! showed me how to build that all important relationship on the web that will bring traffic to my site. It offered step-by-step traffic building techniques along with an excellent help forum. These step-by-step guidelines on how to get listed in the major directories and how to avoid the pitfalls (linking to non-relevant sites or worse, bad neighborhoods).

SiteSell Services can deliver far more for less, using the proven SBI! system that builds Web sites in a predetermined way. It's time to give your business the full advantage of a Web site that works. SiteSell Services is your answer. Is it guaranteed?

You bet it is! You to can build your website with Solo Build It. SBI! has a no-risk, 30-day money back guarantee. It's a risk-free decision that you can make with confidence and peace of mind. So go ahead and build you website the right way. Still not sure you want to build your website using SBI!? Well this short three minute video that could change your life forever. click on the graphic link below to begin watching...

Build your own website

Build your website using SBI and live free!

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