What Is Glaucoma Treatment?

Glaucoma treatment is a way for diabetic individuals to preserve their eyesight and have the pressure in their eyes reduced. This will limit any further damage to the optic nerves which can result in severe vision loss. As a diabetes patient, you have to realize that if you lose your eyesight as a result of glaucoma disease, it can not be reverse or restored by any treatment.

Fortunately treatment can be very affective in some young children as well, if they have eye damage due to congenital glaucoma. The treatment can reverse some of the damages that they would have sustained. Modern treatment today, is mainly directed at reducing the intraocular pressure in the eyes of diabetes and non-diabetes patients.

Intraocular pressure can cause considerable damage to the optic nerves of the eye at any level, if it is untreated. Therefore having this pressure reduced on a regular basis, is a must in order to prevent any further damage to your optic nerves which can result in severe or complete vision loss.

The treatment for glaucoma usually starts with simple medications such as corticosteroids which are prescribed my an Ophthalmologist. When these prescribed medications fail to do their job of reducing the fluid pressure in the eye, other known treatments which involve surgery may have to be used.

Depending on the severity or level of your glaucoma disease, the most appropriate glaucoma treatment may be one of the above mentioned methods.

Stages of Glaucoma Eye Disease

There are three medically known stages of glaucoma disease that diabetics and others are forced to deal with. These include:

  • Open Angle Glaucoma
  • Closed Angle Glaucoma
  • Congenital Glaucoma

Glaucoma Treatment For  The Different Stages Of Glaucoma

Treatment of each of these stages of the glaucoma eye disease varies! For instance, treatment for the open angle stage may involve prescribed medications alone. These medications are usually in the form of simple prescribed eye drops. However if this stage of glaucoma disease becomes severe, the main treatment may involve an individual having to undergo eye laser treatments or eye surgery.

The closed angle stage of glaucoma can become acute due to the extreme blockage of the fluid in the eye. If this problem persist, it can cause immediate pressure increase in the eye which normally results in the optic nerves becoming severely damaged more quickly.

If this closed angle stage of the disease becomes acute, then glaucoma treatment must begin immediately in order to reduce or limit the pain that is normally brought on by the increase in the intraocular pressure.

If this condition goes untreated, diabetics and non-diabetics individuals can develop or experience some form of vision loss rather quickly. Congenital glaucoma which is a rare form of the disease, normally occurs at the birth of an individual.

Treatment for this particular condition may involve medications (eye drops) but sometimes the medications fail to do what they were prescribed for which is to lower the intraocular pressure in the eyes.

Unfortunately in these cases, eye surgery is required to correct the problem. Individuals with diabetes and those without, have to undergo regular eye exams by their Ophthalmologist to help determined the level of the intraocular pressure in their eyes.

By keeping the pressure in the eyes to its normal level, will help too limit any further damage to the optic nerves from occurring. Sometimes it is necessary to use laser treatment to prevent sudden closure of the drainage angles in the eyes.

The reason being that if you are an individual that have narrow drainage angles, you are at greater risks of developing closed angle glaucoma disease than those with a wider drainage angle.

Diabetics have to constantly be mindful of their diabetes management this way they could limit or avoid any glaucoma treatment.

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Diabetics undergo glaucoma treatment because of diabetes retinopathy!

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