Glucose Meters for Accurate Blood Glucose Monitoring

Glucose meters now come in various types, thanks to the latest advancement in technology. Even though data is constantly being gathered on various types of blood glucose monitors, they continue to show variability in performance.

For starters, the new generation of diabetes meters seem to be more simple in their usage and more accurate in their test results than the older models.

The improvements that have been made in the use of the chemical on blood glucose test strips are fantastic.

There as even being improvements to the mechanical and software components in the blood glucose monitor as well.

These blood glucose monitoring machines, continue to help diabetics with self-monitoring of their blood glucose levels. This mean that the management of diabetes continues to get better and better.

Which blood glucose meter is right for you?

Here are a few of the blood glucose meters that are available for diabetes management!

  • The One Touch Ultra.
  • This particular glucose monitoring device is made by LifeScan. It is very easy to use and offer your test results fast. The key features of this meter include:
    1. Fast test results (under 6 seconds).
    2. A smaller amount of blood is required.
    3. Offers alternative site testing.
    4. Small in size and very lightweight.
    5. Offers the capability of storing up to 150 test results.
    6. 14- and 30- day averaging.
    7. Has a large readout display monitor.
    8. Offers a data post interface.
    9. Uses one lithium watch size battery that can do up to 1,000 tests.

  • One touch Ultra 2.
  • This is a new glucose meter that is also made by LifeScan.

    It is also a fast, gentle, simple, and unique way to monitor the effects that your meals cause on your blood glucose level.

    This blood glucose meter also comes with an educational DVD and booklet.

    The key features of One Touch Ultra glucose meters, are the same as the first One Touch Ultra blood glucose monitors.

    However with the this new model, is that one has a back light and it has before and after meal averages- which makes it easier for diabetics to read.

  • One Touch Ultrasmart.
  • As part of the brands of Ultra glucose meters, this particular monitoring device is ideal for those diabetic individuals that have to adjust their insulin dosages regularly. This blood glucose monitor collects and organizes glucose data by time and day and it does this automatically. Some key features of this meter:
    1. It requires a small amount of blood for analysis.
    2. It gives results in under 6 seconds.
    3. It offers alternative site testing capabilities.
    4. It automatically enters test results into 12 charts and graphs.
    5. It offers easy downloads of data for you and your physician.
    6. It offers the user the option to enter more of their information through smart buttons.
  • Therasense Freestyle.
  • This is a self monitoring blood glucose system that offers the largest readout display than any of the other leading diabetic glucose monitors. Therefore it can easily be read by diabetic patients. The key features of this meter are:
    1. Virtually pain free testing.
    2. Requires a small amount of blood for testing.
    3. Gives fast results (under 6 seconds).
    4. Offers 4 different programmable alarms that remind diabetics when to test their blood glucose.
    5. Has a one minute sample re-application time.
  • Medisense Optimum
  • As one of the glucose meters available today, the Medisense Optimum is easy to use. Some key features of this particular blood glucose monitoring machine include
    1. Blood glucose test strips, that are designed to prevent a test from starting too quickly before there is enough of the blood sample available for testing. This reduces the amount of errors and eliminates the wasting of your blood glucose test strips.
    2. Allows for alternating site testing.
    3. It improves accuracy with true measure technology which minimizes the effects of substances such as Aspirin, Vitamin C, and Acetominophen.
    4. Requires a very small amount of blood for testing (about 1.5).
    5. Application of your test sample, is simple with special end fill or top fill design.
    6. Can store up to 450 test results and provides an on screen weekly and monthly average.
    7. Capable of downloading all your test result to your PC.
    8. Has an easy to read display.

  • Accu-Chek Compact Plus continuous blood glucose monitor.
  • Accu-Chek is one of the well known manufacturers of blood glucose monitors available today.

    They provide a large number of the various types of meters. The Compact Plus is a meter that provides an all in one convenience for its users.

    It has proven itself for causing less pain during testing.

    Key features of this particular brand of blood glucose meter include:

    1. No strip handling. The meter comes with a preloaded drum of 17 diabetes blood glucose test strips.
    2. There is no coding.
    3. Detachable lancet device.
    4. Offers fast results.
    5. Results can be saved (up to 300).
    6. Test results can be downloaded to your PC.

    These are just a few of the various types of blood glucose monitoring machines are available to help with diabetes management today. Remember diabetes is a chronic disease and can cause serious diabetic complications.

    Hence - the only way for you to prevent diabetes complications, is to properly manage your diabetes mellitus disease. Proper diabetes care is an absolute must. Therefore, you need to have the right tools to help with accomplishing this important task. That means investing in continuous blood glucose monitors or blood glucose meters.

    Glucose meters are very important in diabetes care!

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