Insulin is so Expensive

by Howard
(Miami, Florida, USA)

My uncle has been living with diabetes for most of his adult life. It was never an issue until he lost his job & could not afford COBRA. He is a very proud man.

Not once did he mention to the family that he was skipping his insulin injections in order to make sure he could afford to pay the house bills. It wasn't until his health declined, that I realized what he was doing.

It was the first time I saw him cry. He was desperate. Although I am doing OK financially, I am not doing well enough to fully support my family and him.

I researched things I could to to help him. The first thing I was able to do is to get him a coupon from that helped him save. I also was able to find patient assistance programs that he registered for.

After several months, he is finally getting his insulin for next to nothing. Just think- I almost lost my uncle because he could not afford his medicine!

I venture to say that this same scenario is playing out all over America.

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Jan 19, 2011
Affording Diabetes Medications
by: Anonymous

Wow, your story is very touching. There are many people living in our country that are going through the same thing. My best friend of 5 years recently told me that she had Type 2 diabetes.

Not only does she have it, but it runs throughout her whole family. Unfortunately, she doesn't seem to take it seriously. She doesn't exercise, she eats really poorly, doesn't test her blood sugar levels regularly and very often goes without her medication because of its high prices.

I vowed to to try to help her any way I can. Because she works for a small company and has no health coverage, medication costs are a very real factor.

In looking for ways to help her, I found a discount drug card that she can use to save money on her diabetes medications. The discount drug card can be found on the same website that you mentioned,

In finding this particular website, I have also found coupons that I can use too.
Although getting her to exercise and eat healthy remains a struggle, at least now she is taking her diabetes medications.

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