Insulin - Resistance to it is a Big Problem for Diabetics!

Insulin is a protein hormone that is produced in the beta cell of the pancreas. Arming yourself with the facts about this life saving hormone, will help you avoid serious complications that is associated it. It is utilized by the body to convert glucose (sugar) from the food that we consume, into energy.

Because our bodies need energy all the time, this important hormone is the key player in how our bodies get and use this energy.

Our bodies produce this hormone in response to the increased level of blood glucose, that is released into our blood streams by our livers.

The main responsibilities of this vital hormone

The job of this vital hormone is to regulate the metabolism of:

  • The blood glucose in the blood.
  • The carbohydrates in our bodies.
  • The fats in our bodies.
  • The proteins that we consume.

Another important job of protein hormone, is promoting the transport and entry of glucose (sugar) into the cell of our muscles. Without it, our muscle cells simply will not respond; thus, they will not be signaled to open and accept the glucose from our blood streams.

When the cells do not open to accept the excess glucose from our blood streams, our brains will send a signal to our pancreas, to release more of the hormone in attempts to trigger a sugar uptake into the cells. This leads to an excessive amount of the protein hormone in our bodies which can lead to other related problems.

The cause of type 1 diabetes in many individuals

When the pancreas of an individual stops producing this hormone all together, the resulting symptoms will be that of type 1 diabetes.

This is form of diabetes, is the major cause of long term complications in many diabetics.

Individuals that have type 1 diabetes, usually have to take several dosage of protein hormone a day.

This is a very important treatment that they have to under go, in order to combat serious complications that are associated with with this chronic disease.

Why? because they are not able to produce the hormone through their own bodies.

Diabetic supplies used in the delivery of the hormone

Therapy treatment for type 1 diabetics is usually administered through several means which include:

  • The syringe.
  • The injection pen.
  • Jet injectors.
  • The pump delivery system.

There are various types of treatment available to type 1 diabetics through subscription. Your Physician/s will be instrumental in helping you find which one is right for you.

The cause of type 2 diabetes

Symptoms of type 2 diabetes occur as result of the body not being able utilize the insulin that it already produces. This is the most common of three know types of diabetes. This form mostly occur:

  • In the 45 and over age groups.
  • People that are over weight (obese).
  • People that have a history of the disease in their family.
  • Individuals that do not exercise and have bad cholesterol. This results in insulin resistance.

Treatment for type 2 diabetes is usually done with prescription diabetes pills that do not contain the hormone insulin.

To properly manage your diabetes health, you have to ensure that you always have your diabetic supplies. Diabetes Store will help you fine what you need.

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Insulin is vital for the removal glucose from the blood.

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