The Insulin Pump for Continuous Insulin Treatment!

What is an insulin delivery pump?

An insulin pump as we know it, is a device that was designed to slowly release a synthetic form of the hormone insulin. This computerized device, mimics the production of the hormone similar to that of a healthy adult pancreas. Individuals that have type 1 diabetes need several insulin injections per day for their survival. By using the pump, they are able to control their blood glucose levels through good controlled dosing with a synthetic insulin.

The pump can be carried in pockets of diabetic patients or it can be clipped onto their belt. For delivery of rapid-acting insulin into the body, insulin pumps come with a small flexible tube or catheter. The catheter carries a small but fine needle at the end that is carefully placed under the skin of the stomach.

Before the diabetes treatment can begin, the needle has to be taped in place to prevent any unnecessary movements.

Every diabetes patient that uses an insulin pump, must do so under the supervision of their doctor or health care provider. Although the pump was designed for continuous delivery of insulin treatments all day long, its delivery system is usually set to the uniqueness of each individual user.

Controlling Your blood glucose level

When people that have type 1 diabetes eat a meal, their blood glucose levels become elevated. So in order for these individuals to control or ensure that their blood glucose levels stay normal or as close to normal, they have too physically inject insulin into their bodies to accomplish this.

The pump is one method of doing this and it does this task by slowly injecting small amounts of the insulin hormone continuously, at preset intervals. This type of treatment is known as the basal rate method. Another method that is used by diabetics is called the . This is used when after a diabetes patient has finished a meal.

The bolus dose method is a programmed released dosage of the insulin hormone, that the individual has entered into their glucose meter. For some diabetics, using calculations help in estimating the correct amount of insulin base on the amount of carbohydrates that they have consumed.

Diabetes patients that have to use an insulin pump delivery system, have to also monitor their blood glucose levels closely on a continuous basis as well. This helps them with maintaining proper control of the amount of insulin that they use in their diabetes treatment.

This computerized device is very effective in helping diabetes patients, eliminate the need for them to measure out a certain amount of insulin, every time they have to take an injection treatment. A diabetic can go about doing their daily tasks or work without having to stop whatever it is that they are doing, to mess with needles or bottles to administer an insulin treatment. All thanks to the design and creation of the insulin pump

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The Insulin Pump is a device that is used in the delivery of insulin!

The pump helps diabetes patient with their glucose levels during their meals.

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