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The links below take you to other health related websites. I feel that the information provided, will be very helpful in providing you with the most useful resources and information that will help you manage your health. These health related websites can help you to live your life the way you should. However this web page is still in its building stage and as we grow, we will add other health related links on a regular basis.

As we come across health related websites, we will add them for you. Providing they turn out to be a good resource and offer the help you need to manage your diabetes symptoms. As an individual with diabetes, finding good health links to the most useful information that will help you to recognize signs of hard sometimes.

Still we need to know how to manage our health properly. As you browse through the links below, a new browser window will open. This will allow you to visit the links to the various web sites without having to leave my diabetes site. At the same time if you know of other links that would be of benefit to my site please submit them.

Not all links will be accepted becuase not all links will be relavant to this site. Subsequently, if you know of any links and want to share them, let us know and we will add them here. Just take a moment and fill out the links exchange form to be considered. Thank you.

Links to websites that are related to health related issues

Toxin Removal!

For information on Internal Body Cleansing that works, the following site provides information on how toxins are affecting our bodies and what we can do to help live a healthier life. We all need to cleanse the unwanted toxins from our systems. Find out from a first person perspective on how she took back her health through the cleanse for health benefits

Weight Loss!

Green Tea for weight loss and fat burning! Your about to discover what might be the most powerful fat loss system ever developed.

Health supplements for diabetics

Diabetic health is very important in order for you to avoid serious complications. For this to happen, your requires a certain amount of nutrients. Maintain your health now and prosper.

Healthy looking legs

A good health guide to great legs for woman. Great tips for dealing with cellulite, varicose veins, stretch marks, and dry skin. Also great exercises, pampering tips, and fashion.

Retirement health

Health solutions Good health is all we can hope for in our retirement years. Learn how you can add years to life.

For health care professionals!

The American Journal of Diabetes provides health care professionals with clinical and other practical information to help in their day-to-day management and treatment of patients with diabetes.

Solutions to good health!

Smart Health Solutions . Here you will find smart health solutions to help you stay as healthy as possible.

Health Directory

Slim-Fit-and-Healthy . The Big WebDirectory about Weight Loss, Fitness, Beauty and Health.

Bring SBIer's Together! - SBI community portal. Our aim is to bring SBI! Webmasters together. Submit your SBI! website for free at SBI! directory. No reciprocal link required.

Healthy pre-diabetes eating!

Chinese natural food for your health. Discover how Chinese Natural food could be very useful for your daily health compare other foods. Eliminate signs of diabetes.

Eliminate diabetes symptoms through safe weight loss

The Cretan Bowl Diet - is an easy weight loss diet based on the healthy Cretan and Mediterranean Diets. It’s a simple and easy to follow no-fad slimming diet to help you lose weight quickly and safely, and will improve general health and promote long life too!

Maintain your health by growing your own food

Basic Info for Organic Gardening procides information for the beginner to organic gardening--glossary, beneficial insects, harmful insects, companion planting, fertilizer list, composting, measurements, mulches and gardening tips.

Healthy Weight Loss made easy

Healthy Eating Weight Loss. Tips and tricks to help you lose weight by creating a healthy lifestyle.

Fast weight loss diet reviews! -Permanent weight Loss or losing weight for that matter, is never the easiest thing in the world to accomplish. You can effectively lose weight if you have the right information on how to do it correctly...Find out how!

Alternative Health

Alternative Health & Dietary Supplement Store Natures Brands. An all natural supplements store with many kinds of herbs, vitamins, calcium supplement, homeopathic, weight loss products and skin care creams to keep your body healthy.

Fitness Information

Power Plate. The ultimate fitness resource for vibration exercise plate information.

Health Web Directory

The Cultural Creative Web Directory. The exclusive, hand-edited, searchable web directory focusing on health, lifestyle, leisure, family, personal interests and offering the most comprehensive, cultural creative web search on the Internet today. Find conscious living resources, life tools for self-actualization, spiritual transformation, self-expression, ecological sustainability, women's issues and more! Features details on the top areas of interest and a searchable database.

Maintain Your Health!

Good nutrition is essential to maintaining your ideal weight and good health. Weight For Me offers you nutritional supplements to help you meet all your nutritional goals.

Information For The Disabled

Focus on Disability The site has a wide range of information, advice and contacts for disabled people and their carers in the UK.

How To Live Healthy

Healthy Is Wealthy - Raising Glutathione to every cell in the body is our Best Cellular Defense for a Healthy Immune System Function to fight Fatigue, Stress, Disease, Viruses, Pollution and even Pre-mature Aging!

Want relief from your pain?

Let Dr. Kessinger, a doctor in Chiropractic medicine, specializing in Pain, Fatigue and Weight Loss. This website is dedicated to helping you find solutions for those obstacles plague your life.

Reduce foot pain now!

PhysAssist have the cream that can help you if you suffer from foot and joint pain. You can get pain relief cream for: foot pain, knee pain,leg pain, ankle pain, burning sensation, neuropathy pain, burning pain, swollen feet, nerve pain,nerve damage, plantar fasciitis and numbness.

Information on massage therapy!

Chair Massage Is For You, provides information on massage therapy to make you feel better. Learn how to become a massage therapist as well.

Alternative Natural Skin Remedies

Contains easy to understand information on many specific skin problems from psoriasis, eczema to dry scalp symptoms and more. Natural skin remedies are recommended by a practicing Herbalogist with years of successful experience with 1000's of clients. A must for those suffering from years of skin problems!

Therapeutic Skin & Scalp Care Products

All natural, plant based skin remedies for every type of skin problem. These are the highest quality, hypo-allergenic and fragrance free creams, face and body wash and shampoo with an incredible success rate for dry skin and scalp repair, psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and more! Learn why!

Learn how you can reverse your diabetes!

Discover the truth about diabetes that doctors and pharmaceutical companies are praying you don’t find out about. Don't think about taking any more diabetes medication until you Read This!

The benefits of cooking with garlic

Garlic Recipes
Hundreds of garlic recipes has been shown for various diseases, thousands of garlic cooking recipes made you many delicious dishes, and all are simply and convenient.

Learn about hair loss treatments

Hair loss has a major effect on the lives of men and women alike. Beginning at an early age, it can destroy the looks and self-confidence of the person concerned. Read More...

Dermatology Treatment

Dermatology Laser: Over the years, dermatology has increasingly depended on laser. In turn, laser has made invasive procedures all the more unnecessary. Read more:

Health programs for the work place

Corporate Wellness Programs. Elitehealth provides special workplace health programs and corporate wellness programs for companies looking to facilitate their executives with a healthy workplace.

Yoga Information For All!

Good Health Medicine Provides information about the real essence of yoga and its physicality in many ways by citing the best yoga institutes and practitioners in the world featuring the best yoga tips and poses.

Causes Of Baby Eczema!

Baby Eczema -Find out all information about Baby eczema, causes and treatments. It also provides some information about different allergies, their causes, treatments and how to prevent them.

Your Wellness And Fitness!

Wellness And Fitness -is a state or condition of being fit, suitability or appropriateness. Fitness is being able to deal with and handle the daily stresses of life, good physical and mental health, especially when maintained by proper diet, exercise, and healthy habits.

Canadian Pharmacy

Canadian Pharmacy is your premier Canadian online pharmacy store offering prescription and non-prescription Canadian pharmacy products at discount rates.

Tanning at its best

Tanning Salons Find Tanning Salons, Local Tanning Reviews, & Tanning Products.

Skin Care Products for Black Women

Skin Care Products for Black Women - provides acne skin care products for African and American origin men and women.

Cardiology Information

Cardiologist Miami - Doctor Frances Glicksman MD is a Cardiologist in Miami Beach. The Cardiovascular Longevity Center provides cardiovascular health, preventive cardiology and health care to the greater Miami Beach, Florida, North Miami Beach, South Beach.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentists chicago - Global dental associates offer cosmetic dentistry in Chicago and exclusive dental care in Niles, Glenview, Park Ridge, Morton Grove Illinois. State-of-the-art digital paperless. $99 new patient Special.

Outsourced Medical Billing

Outsourced Medical Billing - PhyLogic Healthcare provides medical billing services and systems to physician practices nationwide. Our medical billing services and internet-based ASP software systems maximize reimbursement for physicians and medical group practices.

Chiropractic Culver City

Healthy Body Chiropractic - Provides chiropractic treatment, diagnosis and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries in Culver City Los Angeles, CA. Dr. Ghislaine Rodriguez is a Chiropractor in Culver City LA.

Psychiatrists Knoxville

Psychiatrists Knoxville - Access Psychiatrists provides Psychiatric medication and treatment in Knoxville TN (Tennessee) with a holistic view which may include assessing biological, medical, nutritional, psychological, and social factors impacting your stated needs.

Professional Services

Professional Services Directory -offers mass notification systems such asemergency management programs. Provides incident management solutions such asnurse call systems.

Medical Practice Management Software

Electronic Medical Record Software - Bizmatics offers the best of Electronic Medical Record & Practice Management Software solutions available for physician practices. Free online MedicalSoftware Demo.

Medical Software - EMR Experts offers the best electronic medical record software with customSOAP note templates and an easy-to-use interface. For a FREE EMR Demo. Click Here.

Herbal Living

Herbal Living - All natural non-toxic cleaning, laundry,personal care & herbal products which promote healthier lifestyles by providing safe, effective and environmentally friendly choices.

Center for Human Reproduction

Infertility Care The Center for human reproduction , located inNew York, is internationally recognized in providing infertility care to patients all over the world.

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