My Wife and "Death to Diabetes" Saved My Life!

by Richard James


It's interesting that you should happen to have that You tube video! The speaker is the author of the book my wife bought!

I NEVER thought that I would say this, but ... my wife is smarter than me. :-)

Over the years I have bought at least 12 books about diabetes. But, even though I was eating better and exercising, my doctor was planning to put me on insulin because the higher dosages of Glucophage weren't working anymore.

However, about 2 years ago my wife bought a diabetes book (titled "Death to Diabetes") about super foods, raw foods (lots of salads) and lost 27 pounds. She really looks so good now! :-)

More importantly, her average blood sugar (BS) went down to 87.4 and a1c to 5.3% and her doctor took her off the diabetic medication. But, he said she would be back on medication in a year or so.

Anyhow, I felt that I had nothing to lose, so, I gave in to my wife and tried this man's super foods and raw food diet program. My blood sugar (BS) average went down to 85.6, my a1c to 4.9%, and I LOST 37 POUNDS in about 5 months my wife is jealous :-)

The author of "Death to Diabetes" (Dwayne Mcculley, almost DIED from a diabetic coma, his book is well-written and very thorough -- he believes in raw food dieting, juicing, etc., and explains step by step what to do. It's so simple!

The author is an engineer -- you can find him on Youtube. He breaks down the medical jargon and explains how diabetes really works, and why some diets won't work, and why certain foods are necessary for blood glucose stabilization. He also explains all the myths about diabetes.

Bottom line, if you're struggling with your diabetes, if you're concerned about going on insulin, just try this man's program -- you got nothing to lose. In fact, he explains it on his website, so you don't have to buy the book.

But, once you try his super breakfast, and see your Blood sugar (BS) go down, you'll want the book! His story is powerful and inspirational, and it works!

Thanks to this engineer (and my wife of course), I am now a healthier man.


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