Pre-Diabetes Faq -Frequently Ask Questions 

Q1: What is Pre-Diabetes?

Ans: This is a condition that causes a person's blood glucose level to rise way above normal. However it is does not get to the point where the individual is said to have diabetes.

Q2: How can an individual avoid becoming pre-diabetic?

Ans: The condition of pre-diabetes can be avoided or prevented by changing one's daily diet and incorporating a regular exercise program. This new lifestyle will also aid in preventing the development of type 2 diabetes.

Q3: How can an individual tell if they are pre-diabetic?

Ans: There are two test that can be performed by your health care provider. The first of these test is called the fasting plasma glucose or FPG test. Which is done in the mornings before any form of eating. The other test is called the oral glucose tolerance test or OGTT.

This particular test involves a person's glucose level being measured twice. Once right after fasting and then once again 2 hours later after they taking a glucose rich supplement. Fasting is required with both of these tests.

Q4: What are the known treatment/s for pre-diabetics?

Ans: The first step in treating this condition, would be to reduce your overall body weight, make some changes to your daily diet, and exercise more frequently.

Q5: How improtant is it that I know if I am pre-diabetic?

Ans: It is extremely important that you know if you have this condition or not. Simply because you need to understand the potential risks factors that are involved and how to treat the condition. Knowing if you are at risk or not will help in preventing true diabetes.

Q6: What is the normal blood glucose level of an individual?

Ans: The normal blood glucose level of a healthy individual is under 100 mg/dl.

Q7: What is the blood glucose level of a pre-diabetic?

Ans: Individuals that have been diagnosed as pre-diabetics, usually have a blood glucose level that ranges from 100 to 125 mg/dl.

Q8: What is usually the blood glucose of someone that has diabetes?

Ans: When a person has diabetes, their blood glucose level is usually in the range of 126 mg/dl and above.

Q9: When should I get tested for pre-diabetes?

Ans: People that are overweight or obese and who are over the age of 45 with high blood pressure, should get tested for this condition. If it goes un-detected, it could lead to type 2 diabetes.

Knowing what pre-diabetes is goes a long way in preventing type 2 diabetes!

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