Where there is no hope, there must be determination PART 6




So now it is off to college, a dream come true. When I told my mother the great news, she was not happy like I thought she would be. Maybe it had something to do with the fifty convulsions I had, knowing that there has been some brain damage. Or that I was not the smartest son, my other two brothers tested out at the genius level, and I was just within the normal level. The two smartest sons with IQ's of 160 + dropped out and never got there degree.

So she told me that I would never make it through and that she was not going to give me any money for college. So I took eighteen credit hours each semester and worked 32 to 40 hours a week. I was going to prove my mom wrong and be the very first son to graduate college. So I did, not in five years, not in four years, but in three years. I went to every class or semester that was offered.

One in January, three weeks, eight hours of the day, term papers, and done in three weeks. The same thing for the summer classes, which I would take two courses each three week semesters. So I picked up eighteen course credits every year. But my goal was to get nothing less than a high B average. When I graduated, my accumulated average was 3.45 which is just short of 3.50 for an A average.

But after my first years I met an angel at church. She was and still is to this day my angel sent to me from God to watch over me. She was singing one night at church and I drove the bus fill with college students to church to see her sing. Her songs would make my heart melt. Tears would run down my face. I looked up at her and I fell in love, right there, that minute. I did not even know her name, but I knew, I was going to do everything to make her love me and become my wife.

I asked her out in October of 1975 and we were married June 1976. When you see something that you want, you get determined to see it through. We are celebrating our 33rd wedding anniversary. The hardest thing I had to do was to tell her that we might have twelve years together before the doctors say I will die. She was a nurse, so she understood diabetes and gave me hope to make it through another day.

She told me that the doctors can be wrong. Now that sounded good and hope set back in, in a strong way. My wife Marguerite is still my angel of love. So we got married at the end of my first year of college. She was the one that told me if I set my mind to it I could make it through in three years. She believed in me and I had to prove her right.

It was not long before she saw her husband in a shock, being stupid, not knowing what I was doing out in public. Sooner than I would have like to see, I went into a convulsion around 3 A.M. Marguerite would get mad at me, for working to long at night driving a cab from 4 till midnight and all day on Saturday from 5 S.M. to 9 p.m.

I would sit in my cab, reading my text books for my eighteen college credits. I would get home and start doing my papers. Marguerite would type them up on our manual typewriter. Remember there were no such thing as computers back then. So every paper had to have a carbon paper so you could get at least one copy.

It was not long after we were

married, four months that I came home from my job, which I got fired from that day for driving my own car into another car, head on. That night, Marguerite told me we were going to have a baby. Now you talk about stress. Lost my job, going to have a baby, and was taking a full plus load at college.

Many times we had no food in the house and we would get home and find ten bags of streaks sitting on our front porch. Or while driving the cab, someone was going to move and the professional movers wanted to much money. Wow we always seem to get jobs like that. A lady got into my cab, her husband was to sick to cut the grass and do yard work.

Now I was in that business. Children are a blessing from God. Our first baby, Kiersten, was the first girl in eight generation in my family, and she still blesses us at the age of thirty one. My son was born the week I graduated from college. My faith was very strong, and I went to a church that believed in divine healing.

I was prayed for just about every week by the pastor and board members. I was praying for a blind women, and the power of God came through my body, I could feel the heat flow out my hand as I was putting them on her eyes. She could see, she could see, she could see. God flowed through me, but I was still diabetic. I continued to pray and pray. It never came.

Marguerite told me that God works in mysterious ways and it will come to like some day what happened. She was a diabetic and at the age of eighteen she went to a divine healer, and was heal in front of thousands of people. But at least not yet for me. This will come up in a later chapter, what we think or believe has happened.

By this time I was fitting in like most people. When I went to get a job at well known insurance company, we had to have a physical exam because I was diabetic. They did not have to hire me back in 1981 with a health history like mine. So I was determined to get it so I had my wife give the urine so no sugar would show up. I got the job. They soon found out that I was diabetic.

Now I had to prove to them and to myself that I could do this job and do it well. I was in 1982 rookie of the year. Each year I was in the top 5% of the company. I was 347 out of 20,000 agents. I maintained that. Now the insulin pump came out somewhere in the late 79's and I wanted it for I was thirty and it promised that it would add ten years onto your life.

My insurance company said no, even though I was there top agent. They told me that If they would pay for mine they would have to pay for everyone’s. I soon found that indeed they paid for two attorney's on the west coast. So I call the attorneys up and they faxed to me a copy of the check for the pump.

The next day I order my insulin pump, March 1983. I was the second person in our county to wear one. No doctor had any knowledge of one, so my doctor and I learned together. It is very important for all medical professionals to stay up with modern medical techniques. That is why I go to Joslin Diabetic Center for treatment, which I feel is the best care around , which is 90 miles away, it is well worth it.

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